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Start Your IELTS Preparation for Australia Journey with Study Unifees

Are you dreaming of studying in Australia? At Study Unifees, we understand that embarking on this exciting journey requires careful preparation and guidance. We are here to help you make this dream a reality, starting with your IELTS preparation for Australia. Our dedicated IELTS training centre and study abroad consultancy are designed to equip you […]

IELTS Exam: Avoid These Common Errors and Boost Your Score

The IELTS exam is a crucial step for anyone looking to study or work in an English-speaking country. It serves as a reliable assessment of your language skills, and a high score can open doors to opportunities abroad. However, many test-takers unknowingly make common errors that can negatively impact their scores. In this comprehensive guide, […]

IELTS Coaching Near Me: Call 080060 04434

Starting your IELTS journey is a crucial step towards achieving your academic and professional goals. For beginners in Dehradun seeking for IELTS coaching near me in google, the ideal place to begin this journey, ‘Study Unifees’ emerges as the premier destination for comprehensive IELTS coaching Why Choose Study Unifees for IELTS Coaching in Dehradun? Best […]

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Computer-Based IELTS Exam: What to Know and How to Prepare

The transition from the traditional paper-based IELTS to the computer-based IELTS has brought about significant changes in the way test-takers experience the exam and also IELTS preparation. This comprehensive guide delves into the 25 most important aspects of the computer-based IELTS, providing you with essential insights into what to expect and how to prepare effectively. […]

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IELTS Writing Tips: How to Improve Your Coherence and Cohesion

Achieving a high score in IELTS Writing requires not only a strong command of the English language but also a clear understanding of the assessment criteria and great IELTS preparation. One of the key areas where you can significantly improve your performance is “Coherence and Cohesion.” In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the importance […]

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Unlock the Secrets of PTE Reading with Active Reading Techniques Keywords

Reading comprehension is a pivotal skill assessed in the PTE (Pearson Test of English) exam. It plays a critical role in determining your proficiency in the English language. To excel in the PTE Reading section, you must not only possess strong language skills but also be adept at active reading techniques. In this comprehensive guide, […]

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IELTS Reading: Why It’s Important to Look for Keywords and Synonyms

The IELTS Reading test is a critical component of the IELTS exam, assessing your ability to comprehend written material in English. Success in this section requires more than just basic reading skills; it demands a keen eye for detail and an understanding of how language is used to convey information. In this 1500-word blog, we […]

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IELTS Preparation:  Why Coaching is Better than Studying by Yourself

IELTS Preparation: Why Coaching is Better than Studying by Yourself The International English Language Testing System, commonly known as IELTS, is a pivotal milestone for millions of individuals aspiring to study, work, or migrate to English-speaking countries. It assesses your language proficiency across four core skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. While self-study is an […]

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Made IELTS Scheduling Simple with Study Unifees: When to Book Your Exam and Coaching Sessions

Deciding to study abroad is a significant life-changing choice that can open doors to endless opportunities. Whether you dream of pursuing your education in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, planning and organization are key to a successful journey. One crucial aspect of this planning is scheduling your IELTS exam and IELTS coaching […]

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IELTS General Training Writing Task 1 (Letter) : Know The Difference Between Formal & Informal English

When it comes to the IELTS General Training Writing Task 1 (Letter Writing), an important part of IELTS preparation is mastering the art of using the right tone and style can make all the difference in your scores. Understanding the nuances between formal, semi-formal, and informal language is crucial for your IELTS Preparation. In this […]