Study Unifees GRE Coaching in Dehradun: A Stepping Stone to Your Dream University


Dehradun, renowned for its educational institutions, has become a pivotal center for students aiming for higher education abroad. Study Unifees GRE Coaching in Dehradun stands out as a premier institute for those preparing for the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations), a critical step for admission into graduate programs globally.


Key Features of Study Unifees GRE Coaching:

GRE Coaching in Dehradun


Experienced Faculty: Study Unifees boasts a team of experienced and knowledgeable instructors dedicated to delivering comprehensive GRE training.

Personalized Training: Understanding that each student has unique needs, the institute offers personalized coaching, tailoring study plans to individual strengths and weaknesses.

Comprehensive Study Material: Students receive extensive and up-to-date study materials, including practice tests that closely simulate the real GRE exam.

Technologically Advanced Teaching Methods: Embracing modern technology, Study Unifees integrates digital tools and online resources in its teaching methodology, facilitating a more interactive and effective learning experience.

Flexibility and Accessibility: Catering to diverse student schedules, the coaching center offers flexible class timings, including weekend batches and online coaching options for remote learners.

Success Stories:

Study Unifees GRE coaching in Dehradun has a proven track record of helping numerous students in Dehradun achieve high scores on the GRE, paving their way to prestigious universities worldwide. These success stories underscore the center’s commitment to excellence and student achievement.


Why Choose Study Unifees for GRE Preparation in Dehradun?

Strategic Approach: The coaching center focuses on a strategic approach to tackling the GRE, equipping students with effective test-taking strategies and time management skills.

Continuous Assessment: Regular mock tests and assessments help track progress and identify areas needing improvement.

Supportive Environment: The center fosters a supportive and motivating environment, essential for the stressful preparation phase.

Study Unifees GRE Coaching in Dehradun offers a comprehensive, student-centered approach to GRE preparation. With its experienced faculty, personalized training programs, and state-of-the-art teaching methods, it stands as an ideal choice for aspirants looking to score high in the GRE and secure admission in top-tier universities. As you embark on the journey to achieve your academic aspirations, Study Unifees could be the partner you need to turn your dreams into reality. 



Our classes are rotational. This means that you can join on any day of the week and start your rotation (effectively) as soon as the next module begins.

Unifees GRE

GRE 360 @ Study Unifees- Most Important Facts:

Duration: 8 weeks
Weekly Class Schedule: 1 hour of class every day from Monday to Friday.
Full Length Testing: Every Saturday.
Fees: IRS 12,500/-
*Classes for GRE Math are not currently available

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