Cue Card #3

  1. Describe an actor or actress whom you admire.
  • Who he/she is?
  • What does he/she look like?
  • What kind of movies does he/she appear in?
  • Explain why you admire this actor/actress.
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Ans. There’s something truly magical about watching a great actor inhabit a role. It’s like they disappear as individuals, and suddenly, you’re seeing the character come to life, right before your eyes. That’s exactly how I feel when I watch Anne Hathaway.

I am quite a fan of reading, and during middle school, I ended up reading the whole series of “The Princess Diaries.” I could not imagine how wonderful the movie would turn out. This is where it all started: Anne Hathaway landed the lead in “The Princess Diaries” (2001), merely 18, transforming from a teenager to royalty on screen. But there was something about Anne’s portrayal of Mia Thermopolis that felt real. She wasn’t just a pretty princess; she was awkward, funny, and relatable – even with a crown on her head. The movie was a smash, launching Anne into the spotlight.

But Anne needed to be more than being content with tiaras and fairy tales. She craved challenges. She took on dramatic roles like the heartbreaking romance in “Brokeback Mountain” (2005) and then turned heads as the ambitious assistant navigating the cutthroat fashion world. in “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006). She even sang to an Oscar for “Les Misérables” (2012)!

There’s more to Anne than just her acting chops, though. Here’s the thing: she’s hilarious! Watch her acceptance speeches or interviews – she’s witty, self-deprecating, and always down for a laugh. Also, she’s a huge advocate for women’s rights and uses her platform to make a positive difference.

So, yeah, Anne Hathaway is an amazing actress. But her journey from princess to powerhouse performer, her infectious humor, and her big heart make her a true star.

Word Meaning

Witty: someone who is clever, funny, and well-timed.

Self-deprecating: trying to make yourself, your abilities, or your achievements seem less important

Cutthroat: a situation where people compete in an unpleasant, cruel, or unfair way.