Top Trending Online Courses to study abroad for students

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and FinTech Courses

FinTech (Financial Technology) is by no means a new course. Actually, it has been around since the introduction of credit cards and ATMs but today’s FinTech courses have entered an entirely new dimension with the introduction of Bitcoin a few years ago. Today’s FinTech courses focus on electronic currency, blockchain, cybersecurity, thematic investment, financial markets, educational loans and credit evaluations. 

The FinTech field too is expanding exponentially with annual growths of 24% and is worth a third of a trillion and the need for FinTech grads will increase exponentially too in the future. 

MIT offers several courses among which Cryptocurrency Engineering and Design and Entrepreneurs without Borders are offered free online. Cornell has offered a ‘Crypto Boot Camp’ free in the past led by Vatalik Buterin of Ethereum. Harvard, in conjunction with Coursera, offers several free courses on Cryptocurrency and blockchain. The list goes on….

Big Data Analytics 

This is yet another course, though not exactly new, that is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Big Data Analytics courses basically focus on algorithms used for big data processing and the statistical models used for analytics. Carnegie Mellon University offers an MSIT Business Intelligence and Data Analytics and UPenn offers MS Engineering in Data Science while Trent University (Canada) offers an MS in Big Data Analytics. 

Deep Learning 

Deep Learning is defined as ‘a type of machine learning based on artificial neural networks in which multiple layers of processing are used to extract progressively higher-level features from data’ by Oxford Dictionary.  Harvard University offers several courses aligned with Deep Learning and all of them are free (I’m sure some conditions apply). The courses are ‘Introduction to Artificial Learning with Python’, ‘Fundamentals of TinyML’, ‘Applications of TinyML’ and ‘Deploying TinyML’. 

Apache Hadoop 

Apache Hadoop is an amalgamation of open-source software that provides access to networks of computers to solve problems associated with huge amounts of data and computation. 

IBM Skills Network offers a course in NoSQL, Big Data and Spark Foundations which lists Algorithms, Apache and Computational Thinking as skills provided by the course. Google Cloud offers a course on Data Engineering, Big Data and Machine Learning which lists Apache, Applied Machine Learning and Bayesian Statistics as skills gained form the course.