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The PTE Academic exam is a comprehensive assessment of English language proficiency, and the Reading Comprehension section plays a pivotal role in determining your language skills. To excel in this section, you need to master various skills and employ active reading techniques effectively. In this in-depth guide, we will provide a thorough overview of the PTE Academic Reading section, list and elucidate the key skills and active reading techniques, discuss how to acquire and apply these skills, and introduce you to the PTE classes offered at Study Unifees.

PTE Academic Reading Section


The PTE Academic Reading section evaluates your ability to understand, analyze, and interpret written English texts. It consists of various question types that assess different aspects of your reading comprehension. These include:

1.     Multiple Choice, Single Answer: In this question type, you read a passage and answer a multiple-choice question by selecting the one correct answer from the given options.

2.     Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers: Similar to the previous question type, but you may need to select more than one correct answer.

3.     Re-order Paragraphs: This question type requires you to rearrange jumbled paragraphs into the correct order to form a coherent text.

4.     Fill in the Blanks: You fill in the gaps in a text by choosing words from a dropdown list.

5.     Reading and Writing: Fill in the Blanks: In this question, you need to fill in the blanks with appropriate words while maintaining the coherence of the passage.

6.     Reading and Writing: Re-order Paragraphs: Similar to re-order paragraphs, but with an additional challenge of adding topic sentences.

7.     Summarize Written Text: You summarize a passage in one sentence, highlighting the main points while maintaining clarity and conciseness.

8.     Reading: Fill in the Blanks: In this question, you fill in the missing words in a text, helping you assess your ability to understand the context and use of words.

Now that we have an overview of the PTE Academic Reading section, let’s delve into the essential skills and active reading techniques that will help you master this section.

Key Skills for PTE Academic

Reading Comprehension

1.     Skimming and Scanning: These techniques involve quickly reading through the text to get an overall idea (skimming) and searching for specific information (scanning). Skimming helps you understand the main theme, while scanning is useful for locating details or specific keywords in the text.

2.     Understanding Context: Being able to understand the context in which a word or phrase is used is crucial for accurately answering questions related to vocabulary and sentence structure.

3.     Inference Skills: You must be able to draw conclusions or make inferences based on the information presented in the text.

4.     Note-Taking: Taking notes while reading can help you remember important details and evidence that you can use to answer questions.

5.     Time Management: Efficient time management ensures that you allocate enough time to read the text and answer all the questions within the time limit.

Active Reading Techniques for

PTE Academic

1.     Previewing the Text: Before diving into the text, take a moment to preview it. Read the title, headings, subheadings, and any highlighted or bold text. This will give you an initial understanding of the content.

2.     Underlining and Annotating: As you read, underline key phrases and make brief annotations. This will help you focus on crucial information when answering questions.

3.     Paraphrasing: Practice paraphrasing sentences and paragraphs in the text. This skill is particularly valuable for re-ordering paragraphs and summarizing text.

4.     Reading Aloud: Reading passages aloud can improve your comprehension and pronunciation. It also helps you internalize the information.

5.     Mindful Reading: Stay engaged and actively think about what you’re reading. Try to predict what might come next in the text.

Now, let’s explore strategies for learning and honing these skills and techniques effectively.

Ways to Learn and Use PTE

Academic Reading Skills and Techniques

1.     Regular Practice: Consistent practice is the key to developing your reading skills. You can find PTE Academic reading materials, practice tests, and sample questions online. Dedicate time each day to work on these exercises.

2.     Reading Books and Articles: Reading a variety of texts, including books, newspapers, and academic articles, can help you develop your reading skills. Try to choose materials that are challenging yet interesting to you.

3.     PTE Classes at Study Unifees: Enrolling in PTE classes at Study Unifees is an excellent way to receive expert guidance and structured learning. Our experienced instructors will provide you with valuable insights and hands-on practice. Study Unifees offers a comprehensive PTE Academic prep course that covers all aspects of the exam, including the Reading Comprehension section.

Invitation to PTE Classes at

Study Unifees

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In conclusion, mastering the PTE Academic Reading Comprehension section requires a combination of key skills and active reading techniques. Regular practice, reading diverse materials, and enrolling in PTE classes at Study Unifees are effective ways to enhance your skills and succeed in the exam.

With dedication and the right support, you can ace the PTE Academic and take a significant step toward your academic or professional aspirations.

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