IELTS Reading

IELTS Reading classes at Unifees focus on the skills you need for the Reading section in the IELTS. These skills are crucial in getting a good score not just in Reading but also in the IELTS as a whole. However, there are many things that you can do outside the classroom to improve your general reading skills. This bog article will explore all the additional things you can do to become a more involved and proactive reader.

Reading Articles from International News Apps

Many IELTS aspirants have not been connected with reading for a long time before they commence IELTS cases. While they may have done a lot of academic reading recently, they have not read anything outside the scope of their studies. To solve this problem, you can download the BBC app or ABC and 9NEWS. The latter 2 apps are Australian apps. These apps will give you a good idea of what is happening around the world but the most useful feature in them is the collection of articles you will find about topics like culture, the environment and education.

Graded Readers

A graded reader is a book intended for students at different levels of English proficiency. These books are written for different levels but they use a quality of English that most Indian students will be comfortable with. You can start at a level that you are comfortable at and then work your way up different levels. As you work your way up, the readers become more ‘challenging’ and you become a better reader! The best sites for graded readers are as follows:

Try Speed Reading

Sped Reading is a crucial technique in the IELTS. To cultivate it, there is a plethora of free apps available on online stores and you can also log on to There are many benefits of improving your speed-reading skills. Along with improving your reading speed you are also exercising your brain and improving your memory. Speed reading tasks your brain with bettering performance. The brain, if challenged consistently, ultimately performs better. In addition, speed reading helps to increase focus. Most people are not very focussed when they read because their mind tends to wander when they are reading ‘normally’. However, speed reading requires a high level of focus with very little possibility of your mind wandering because of the speed at which text is thrown at you.

Speed reading also gives you a high level of self-confidence. When we are challenged to perform better and when we can meet these challenges, a natural consequence is feeling better about ourselves. Consistently bettering yourself at any task leads to higher levels of self-confidence. Finally, speed reading improves your logic. When we speed read, the brain automatically becomes better at sorting information, categorizing it and processing it. Your ability to correlated bits of information also improves.

There is no doubt about the benefits of speed reading and I strongly recommend that all IETS aspirants give it a try.