GRE Coaching at Unifees: 10 things you need to do to excel at the GRE

Unifees offers the best GRE coaching in Dehradun because we are completely focused on the most important things in a GRE course and our GRE coaching focuses on a unique success formula. The GRE exam is a tough nut to crack and quality GRE coaching in Dehradun is hard to find. Finding a GRE Training centre in Dehradun was impossible till now, but with Unifees, you cannot go wrong. Finding a GRE Training institute in Dehradun is now easy because we are accessible online and in-person with our GRE classes and coaching.

GRE exam preparation was conspicuous by its absence till Unifees by RAD Trainers and Consultants came along. Rest assured, you can now avail of the best GRE coaching in Dehradun at reasonable prices and with the very best expertise.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 things that you must do in order to excel at the GRE and how Unifees by RAD Trainers and Consultants helps you to do these things.

Here are 10 things you need to do to excel at the GRE and how Unifees can help you score big on the GRE. Unifees is the best GTE coaching centre in Dehradun for a reason! We get the most crucial things right in our preparation classes for GRE.

  1. Find effective ways of increasing your Vocabulary.

As you know, an advanced vocabulary is so very important for sentence equivalence and text completion questions. These questions make up almost half of the verbal reasoning sections and often have really difficult words in the question prompt and answer choices.

Trying to rote learn difficult words is the most counterproductive thing you can do. Instead, try using Mnemonics to remember these words. Mnemonics is a learning technique that aids retention and retrieval. Teachers at Unifees use many Mnemonical devices to help our students learn and remember new words. Teachers at Unifees by RAD Trainers and Consultants use Mnemonical devices like acronyms, connection mnemonics, name mnemonics, and visualization to help our students learn and retain new words. They incorporate topics like popular culture and sports into the mnemonics to make the class full of fun, yet at the same time highly effective in lexical resource expansion. The GRE test, and especially the verbal sections, require a great vocabulary, and at Unifees by RAD Trainers and Consultants, we make sure your vocabulary increases every day.

By the time you finish your GRE course at Unifees, you will have learnt at least 500 new words that are most useful for the GRE. This is one of the most important reasons that we offer the best GRE coaching in Dehradun. GRE coaching is incomplete without a strong vocabulary component. Learn new words in a fun-filled environment and the most effective mnemonics.

  1. Understand sentence components and text progression

It is important to have a very detailed understanding of sentences and sentence components. In sentence equivalence and text completion the most commonly used sentences are complex and compound-complex sentences that use conjunctions like ‘though’, ‘because’, ‘however’, and ‘therefore’. These ‘joiners’ are used in a particular way and impart a particular relationship between the clauses/phrases that they connect. Understanding these ‘connectors and the relationships they impart to sentence components they connect is of crucial importance in sentence equivalence and text completion. In sum, it’s important to understand fully how simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences with relative clauses and complex sentences with adverb clauses work. In the GRE exam, you must be able to break up sentences instantly and analyse their components and the relationships between these components and we, at Unifees by RAD Trainers and Consultants, concentrate heavily on this are and this is also one of the most important reasons we are the best GRE Coaching centre in Dehradun.

Though sentence equivalence and text completion are the easiest questions in the GRE, it is important that you cultivate a complete mastery over them to ensure that you ace these easy questions.

  1. Use the Process of elimination efficiently

PoE is the single most important strategy in all verbal questions. Each question has a different PoE though the PoEs for sentence equivalence and text completion work almost similarly. In the argument-based passage questions, each question has a different PoE. For example, the PoE for an assumption question is very different from the PoE for a paradox resolution. In reading, especially for the extrapolation questions, too, each question has a different PoE. It’s really important to master all the different Processes of Elimination for each different question because the process of elimination structures your approach to each question and helps you to solve quickly.

Process of elimination is your best friend- no matter whether you are taking the verbal section or the quant section. A strong reason why Unifees by RAD trainers and Consultants is the best GRE training centre in Dehradun is that we teach a process of elimination for each question type in the verbal GRE and the Math GRE. We are actually the only GRE Training centre in Dehradun that concentrates so heavily on the process of elimination.

  1. Read up a lot for reading comprehension

GRE does state that the reading passages do not require or assume a specialist’s knowledge of any subject or topic. However, reading on a topic that you are familiar with is always easier than reading on a topic on which you know nothing. So, it’s really important to read up as much as possible on a variety of topics. The arts, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, history, and earth sciences are common topics and there are plenty of journals on the internet that have extensive lists of topics on these subjects.

Another benefit of reading up on varied subjects is that you inculcate the reading habit. Most young people nowadays, as opposed to young people from past generations, have not read recreationally since they were children. Their reading has been restricted to required academic reading or bite-sized reading online on social media. Reading up a lot gets you used to the whole process of reading and unconsciously, you become a proactive reader.

Readings, as you have understood, in the GRE test are from eclectic sources and the out GRE training classes in Dehradun accustom you to reading from a variety of topics. GRE verbal is tough and the reading component, perhaps for the majority of students, is the toughest component but rest assured, that you will excel in it with our help.

  1. Understand the reasoning behind argument-based passages

Approaching assumption, weaken, strengthen, conclusion, paradox, and BFQ questions ‘by feel’ is one of the most counter-productive things you can do. You need to understand the basics of argumentation first. Test takers should be well versed in the purpose, nature, structure, and componential parts of arguments before they attempt their first argument-based passage questions. This is because various strategies, like the insertion strategy in assumption and strengthen questions or the negation strategy in weaken questions, depend on the understanding of the test taken of argumentation as a whole. A test taker who has a weak foundation in the basics of argumentation will find it very difficult to implement these strategies.

Unifees is the best GRE coaching centre in Dehradun because we give students solid foundations in argumentation and paradoxical reasoning. GRE coaching is incomplete without a good theoretical and practical understanding of this kind of reasoning.

  1. Learn some informal logic for Analysis of an argument

The analysis of an argument is nothing but a test of recurring patterns. The big three, causal, analogical and statistical reasoning, are used in almost every argument. In addition, commonly used fallacies like argumentum post hoc ergo propter hoc and hasty generalization to name just a couple, are strewn all over the pool of topics. With a smattering of informal logic, it becomes easier to identify these lines or reasoning and fallacies when they are used and quickly identify the assumptions that arise from them, the questions that arise from them, and the evidence that is specifically needed to evaluate an argument.

This can be very helpful in argument-based questions too because many prompts (passages) are based on the recurring lines of reasoning and fallacies used in the pool.

  1. Learn the kind of analysis you need for analysis of an issue

Learn the basics of analysis- most particularly how to quality. In most GRE analysis of an issue topic in the pool, complete agreement or disagreement is not an option because it is usually not the most analytical position to take with the vast majority of GRE analysis of an issue topic in the pool. Seeking a balance between two things that have been contrasted against each other, agreeing with part of the claim and disagreeing with another part of the claim, qualifying a term used ambiguously in the question, and dealing with terms that open the scope or close the scope of a topic is very important and it is important that you adopt these approaches in your overall approach to the GRE issue essay.

Analysis of an Issue essay has a much wider scope that the Analysis of an Argument essay and the variety of perspectives you can adopt are manifold. We offer the best GRE coaching in Dehradun and are the best GRE Training centre in Dehradun because we go deeply into the complexities of issues and teach our students how to adopt the best perspectives on any issue and present the most cogent argument in support f your perspective.

  1. Brush up on your basic math skills

Brush up on your math fundamentals! A variety of GRE questions are framed around real-life situations while other questions approach you from a purely mathematical angle. In arithmetic, revise exponents and roots, revisit percent, ratio, rate, absolute value, number lines, decimal representation, and number sequencing. Also important are integers and their divisibility, factorization, prime numbers, remainders, and odd/even numbers.

In algebra, you will get equations in word problems, linear and complex equations, operations with exponents, factoring, and simplification of equations. Also, revise solving simultaneous equations and inequalities.

In geometry, revisit straight, parallel and perpendicular lines. Update your knowledge of area, perimeter, and volume while revising the Pythagoras Theorem.

In data analysis, revise basic stats including mean, median, and mode. In addition, revise range and standard deviation while also revising the interpretation, analysis and slicing of data in tables and graphs.

Our Quant teachers also contribute to making us the best GRE coaching centre in Dehradun because these consummate professionals teach the most wide-ranging theory classes along with the fastest and best formulae.  

  1. Give GRE Practice tests Frequently

At Unifees by RAD Trainers and Consultants we have a huge test bank that contains more than 100 GRE official and unofficial tests along with question banks with thousands of questions. The benefit with giving several practice GRE tests is that you get used to working in a timed environment and you also get used to handling the pressure of doing so. In addition, you become more familiar with the test format and how the testing software works.  Our GRE mock tests are free and we provide GRE mock tests online and offline you can appear for a GRE test every Saturday at Unifees by RAD Trainers and Consultants.

  1. Get the best GRE Study Materials

We are the top coaching/training centre in Dehradun because we provide unlimited resources to our students. Every edition of the top test prep books like Kaplan, Princeton, Barrons, Cliffs, etc. is made available to you. We have a virtual library that contains virtually every book by every major GRE writer and this works in your favour.

You need extensive practice for an extensive period and this vast collection of GRE resources ensures that you never run out of practice material.

In conclusion, it is very important to choose the right vehicle for your GRE preparation as this determines, to a very significant extent, whether you will be successful or not. Choose carefully because your future is at stake. For counselling on the nuances of the GRE, feel free to walk in any working day of the week to get the most detailed counselling for your GRE preparation plans. While self-study is also effective, everyone needs a GRE trainer who has decades of experience behind him or her to get the best out of you.

The vast scope of the GRE, in its entirety, makes accessing all the information needed to excel at this tough test extremely tough for any individual. In contrast, our GRE instructors will be able to answer virtually any question put by you or to convert any of your weaknesses into strengths.

The classes are skills-driven and student centred. This means that the whole GRE has been divided into sets of skills needed for each question type. You learn a skill in our classes and then, you are required to demonstrate to the teachers that you have actually assimilated that skill and can put it into practice through various exercises in class.

Our classes are also student centred; this means that YOU will be the focus of attention in the class. Activity-driven lessons and actually putting into practice skills that you have learnt in the classroom make our students the most successful GRE scorers in Dehradun. You are constantly using your brain in our classes, whether it is with vocabulary exercises or whether it is with completing exercises in the classroom or doing group work. The classes provide a stimulating environment that makes for the best classroom experience you have ever had. Based on a very advanced pedagogical model, our GRE classes are geared for success and you benefit from being challenged, stimulated, and encouraged every day. The teachers possess very high motivation levels and take pleasure in your every triumph. They are professionals who have decades of experience behind them and have just about experienced every type of learning and assimilation problem that can occur.

So, all the best with your GRE preparation, and remember Unifees by RAD if you want to study at the best GRE training centre in Dehradun.