Cue Card #7

Cue Card #7 7. Describe a Job You Would Not Like to Do in the Future. What is the job? How do you know about it? Whether it is an easy or difficult job? Explain why you would prefer to do something other than do it.   Ans. I believe finding a job you love […]

Cue Card #6

Cue Card #6 Describe a book that you have read many times.  When you read it for the first time? How often do you read the book? What the book is about? What effect does the book have on you? Explain why you would like to reread it. Ans. One book that I find myself […]

Cue Card #5

Cue Card #5 Describe something that was broken in your home and then repaired. What is it? How was it broken? How did you get it repaired? And how do you feel about it? Ans. In my home, this old grandfather clock had been passed down in my family for generations. It was a real […]

Cue Card #4

Cue Card #4 Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot. Who this person is? How do you know him/her? What does he/she like to talk about? Explain how you feel about this person. Ans. For an introvert like me, talking is an actual skill that only a few people have. I […]

Cue Card #3

Cue Card #3 Describe an actor or actress whom you admire. Who he/she is? What does he/she look like? What kind of movies does he/she appear in? Explain why you admire this actor/actress. Ans. There’s something truly magical about watching a great actor inhabit a role. It’s like they disappear as individuals, and suddenly, you’re […]

Cue Card #2

Cue Card #2 Describe a historical period you would like to know more about. What period is it? How do you know about it? Explain why you find it interesting. Ans. History always gives us an insight into what happened in the past and informs us about the chronicles of the old times. One historical […]

Cue Card #1

Cue Card Describe a movie you watched recently that you felt disappointed about. What is the name of the movie? Who are the characters? What is this movie about? Explain why you were disappointed. Ans. I just finished watching “Kalank,” a grand period drama that promised a sweeping love story set against the backdrop of […]