Enroll in IELTS in Dehradun with Unifees

Study IELTS in Dehradun with us, because Unifees covers all the bases with our 360 approach! We believe in providing for every student’s need no matter how small or seemingly unimportant.

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18 years of excellence teaching IELTS in Dehradun have given us a cutting edge that
benefits you directly. Whether it is our expertise in the classroom or our comprehensive counselling- you are the
big winner!
Approachable, friendly, committed, and candid- that’s how our students describe our
counsellors. These consummate professionals are also industry certified and come with decades of experience and
industry-leading expertise.

What’s Inside the IELTS 360 Programme

Students have many small and big needs when they decide to take the IELTS test as a first step in their plans to study abroad. The Unifees IELTS 360 programme provides a wide range of value-added services inside and outside the classroom that give the student a complete package of exposure and skills to tackle the IELTS. After your IELTS, our 360 programme keeps supporting you till your study abroad dream is realized.

Sanjay Smart sir

Our Mission is to unleash your potential by fueling student’s curiosity, challenging them to dream big, and empowering them with the wisdom to take a leading role globally. Our philosophy is based on sustainable education, giving you the skills and confidence needed for success.
@Sanjay Smart 

Cindy Chauhan

In a world that’s changing all of the time, no one has the answers. Except for you! Knowledge is the key to success. Our goal is to provide world-class education and resources to our students so they achieve ultimate success.
@Cindy Chauhan
Hi-Tech Classrooms We use only Interactive Boards in our Comfortable Weather-Proof Classrooms
Skills-Based Approach Our Lessons are Completely Skills-Based covering all the Skills Needed in IELTS
Skill Builder Workshops These build up Your Vocabulary and Grammar- two most Important areas in IELTS
Daily Assignments From the Day your Classes Start, you get Daily Assignments till the end of your course.

Think big and think as small as possible- all your needs are provided for with the Unifees 360 Approach.

Lesson Plan: Made by Experts, our Lesson Plans Cover every skill tested in the IELTS.

Daily Recaps: You never forget any skill! Our Recaps remind you of all skills you learn till the end of the course.
*All Recaps are Delivered by Mail/WhatsApp
Post-Course Support: Get Personalized Advice by Teachers after your Course. Take Repeat and Special Classes.
Psychometric testing: Undergrads, know your Strengths, Weaknesses and Capabilities and Plan your Career Accordingly.
Career Counselling: Undergrads, get an In-Depth Analysis of all the Careers your course overseas could lead you to.
FREE Counselling: Your Ticket to Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Ireland and New Zealand!


Student Reviews

I received the best guidance from Unifees in order to pursue my higher education in Canada. The
consultant was really knowledgeable and was able to coach me in the right direction. In addition to
this, they have been of immense assistance to me in obtaining study loans and planning travel and
lodging. I am grateful for their efforts in making it easier for students to study abroad.

Vidhya Basnet

Without the advice and assistance of Unifees throughout the procedure, it would not have been possible.
I must acknowledge that the support I received from the Unifees was unquestionably helpful. I am
ecstatic to have received a student visa since attending CQ University in Australia was my dream. Team
Unifees, Thank You!

Gawnesh Paatni

One of the dreams that I have followed is to study in Australia. After I connected with Unifees,
everything from applying to universities to receiving offers to finally choosing a university had
been much simpler for me. The advice was appropriate and genuine. I appreciate all of the help from
the application and visa teams. I’d want to thank Unifees for their efforts.

Anjali Pandey


What is the IELTS test?

The IELTS is an English proficiency test that measures your English in the 4 main areas of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

What is tested in the IELTS?

The IELTS tests your Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Why do students appear for the IELTS Test?

Students who wish to study in English-speaking countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada need an IELTS score to get admissions in colleges and universities in these countries.

What is the difference between IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training?

IELTS Academic is used for study purposes to get entry into universities and colleges. The IELTS General Training Test is a test of daily-use non-academic English and used mostly for immigration.

Which countries accept IELTS Score?

Institutions in all English-speaking countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand accept IELTS scores. Many universities in non-English speaking countries may also require IELTS if their courses are taught in English.  

How can I prepare for the IELTS Test?

It is best to get professional guidance while preparing for the IELTS. However, many students prepare by themselves by using resources they purchase or online free resources.

Other than university admission, why else do people take the IELTS?

Some people may take the IELTS to gauge their own English or to immigrate.

How does IELTS Coaching work?

Professional instructors should cover all the skills tested in the IELTS and use the most effective pedagogy.

What are the most difficult sections of the IELTS?

Generally speaking, most students score the least in Writing and Reading.

How do I sign up for IELTS Coaching?

At Unifees, all you need to do is to come over, get counselling on IELTS classes and register for the classes.

Is the IELTS accepted by all universities in English-speaking countries?

All universities in UK, Australia and New Zealand accept IELTS scores. Most universities in the USA and Canada accept IELTS scores but not all. 

Do we have live classes, or do we get recordings of classes in these courses?

At Unifees, all classes are recorded and recaps are available on our website.


Which is the best IELTS coaching center in Dehradun, Uttarakhand?

By far, Unifees. We are located at Silver City, Rajpur Road.

How much fee is usually for IELTS coaching in Dehradun, India?

Fees differ from institute to institute.

Which is better, IELTS or PTE?

Both are tests of English proficiency but have different formats. The bottom-line is that you will get a score that reflects your real proficiency in both tests.

Should I sit for the paper-based IELTS or the Computer-delivered IELTS?

That completely depends on you. If you are comfortable working on a screen and have good typing skills, the computer-delivered IELTS is recommended. If not, it is better to take the paper-based IELTS.

Why do test takers get lower scores in Writing?

Many test takers do not take the Writing Band Descriptors into account when they attempt the test. This is the main reason many test takers are not able to get good writing scores.

How much does it cost?

In India, the IELTS testing fee is IRS 15,500. However, the testing fee may be different in different countries.

How long is an IELTS score valid?

Your IELTS score is valid for 2 years starting from the day you took the test.

What is the Age Limit for IELTS test?

Test takers must be at least 16 years of age when they attempt the exam. There is no upper limit.

What scores do IELTS report?

IELTS reports an overall band on a scale of 0-9.0 in half-point increments and individual bands for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking on the same scale.

How long does it take to receive my scores?

Scores for paper-based tests are available 13 days after the test while the scores for the computer-delivered test are available 3-5 days after the test.

What is the average score required by universities?

Many universities will accept you with an overall band of 6.5 with not less than 6.0 in any band. However, the more selective a university, the higher the required bands.

 Where should I start my IELTS preparation from?

It’s a good idea to start by understanding the format of the test and the skills tested.


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