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18 years of excellence teaching GRE have given us a cutting edge that
benefits you directly. Whether it is our expertise in the classroom or our comprehensive counselling- you are the
big winner!
Approachable, friendly, committed, and candid- that’s how our students describe our
counsellors. These consummate professionals are also industry certified and come with decades of experience and
industry-leading expertise.

What’s Inside the GRE 360 Programme

Students have many small and big needs when they decide to take the GRE test as a first step in their plans to study abroad. The Study Unifees GRE 360 programme provides a wide range of value-added services inside and outside the classroom that give the student a complete package of exposure and skills to tackle the GRE. After your GRE, our 360 programme keeps supporting you till your dream is realized.

Sanjay Smart sir

Our Mission is to unleash your potential by fueling student’s curiosity, challenging them to dream big, and empowering them with the wisdom to take a leading role globally. Our philosophy is based on sustainable education, giving you the skills and confidence needed for success.
@Sanjay Smart 

Cindy Chauhan

In a world that’s changing all of the time, no one has the answers. Except for you! Knowledge is the key to success. Our goal is to provide world-class education and resources to our students so they achieve ultimate success.
@Cindy Chauhan
Hi-Tech Classrooms We use only Interactive Boards in our Comfortable Weather-Proof Classrooms
Skills-Based Approach Our Lessons are Completely Skills-Based covering all the Skills Needed in GRE
Skill Builder Workshops These build up Your Vocabulary and Grammar- two most Important areas in GRE
Daily Assignments From the Day your Classes Start, you get Daily Assignments till the end of your course.

Why GRE with Study Unifees by RAD Trainers and Consultants?

The most Effective Vocabulary Classes – Add 1000 GRE words to your vocabulary with the most fun-filled and effective Mnemonical devices. Vocabulary coverage throughout the course with daily exercises and quizzes.
The Best Strategies – Solve Fast and accurately with our strategic approach. The best process of elimination for each question and the most streamlined approaches for reading passages and argument-based passages.
Skill-based, Student-centred Lessons – Cover every skill you need to excel at the GRE. YOU are the most important person in the classroom in our student-centred pedagogical approach- learn by doing!
Resources: More is Better! – Get all the resources you need; free e-books from every major test prep company, 1000 Vocabulary Flash Cards, 100 tests, question banks and more
GRE for Grad Biz – Attention prospective MBAs or other prospective Biz grads! Get personalized plans for your American dream with processing for Biz schools that accept GRE.
Teacher with 20 years of experience teaching – Sanjay has taught thousands of South Asian educated grads and American educated grads since 2000 A. D.

Student Reviews

I received the best guidance from Study Unifees in order to pursue my higher education in Canada. The
consultant was really knowledgeable and was able to coach me in the right direction. In addition to
this, they have been of immense assistance to me in obtaining study loans and planning travel and
lodging. I am grateful for their efforts in making it easier for students to study abroad.

Vidhya Basnet

Without the advice and assistance of Study Unifees throughout the procedure, it would not have been possible.
I must acknowledge that the support I received from the Study Unifees was unquestionably helpful. I am
ecstatic to have received a student visa since attending CQ University in Australia was my dream. Team
Study Unifees, Thank You!

Gawnesh Paatni

One of the dreams that I have followed is to study in Australia. After I connected with Study Unifees,
everything from applying to universities to receiving offers to finally choosing a university had
been much simpler for me. The advice was appropriate and genuine. I appreciate all of the help from
the application and visa teams. I’d want to thank Study Unifees for their efforts.

Anjali Pandey


What is the GRE?
The GRE is a test of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. It is a computer-based question and is also a computer (section) adaptive test.

Who takes the GRE?
American and International students who wish to pursue a grad (master’s) course in any discipline take the GRE.

Can you take GRE General Test for MBA?
Yes. While GRE was traditionally for STEM grads, now more than 1300 MBA programs, most of them in the USA, accept the GRE and the GMAT.

What’s inside the GRE?
The verbal section consists of Reading Comprehension passages, Argument Based Reading passages, Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion.
The Quantitative Section consists of Quantitative Comparisons, Data Interpretation and Problem Solving.

The Analytical Writing section consists of 2 essays; analysis of an argument and analysis of an issue.
Is GRE tough?
Yes, but with excellent preparation and hard work, you can excel at it.

Is a good vocabulary important in GRE.
Yes. In verbal reasoning, sentence equivalence and text completion questions test your vocabulary too. You will need to know a lot of advanced words to solve these questions accurately.

Do I have to be a genius at Math to attempt GRE?
The actual math theory needed in the GRE is just a little more advanced than high school math. The quant section is more of a measure of your analytical reasoning skills.


What is the full GRE score?
The GRE CAT full score is 340 (170 each for verbal and quant) and the AWA is marked on a scale of 0.0 to 6.0.

What is a good score in the GRE?
For Study Unifees students, a good score is anything above 315 in the CAT and 4.5 in the AWA.

What scores do universities need to admit me?
Many universities ask you to simply ‘attempt’ the GRE while many may need a specific score. Some of these universities will accept you with 300, others with 310 and others with 320+.

Do I need to be good at logic to excel at GRE Argument Based Passages?
No. Only informal logic is used in the verbal and AWA Analysis of an argument. It is more like common sense.

Where can I take the GRE in India?
GRE tests centres are located in Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Mysore, Mumbai. Kolkata, New Delhi, Pune and Trivandrum in India.

What is the GRE testing fees?
The GRE test fee in India is US$ 228.

How to start preparing for the GRE?
Get professional help. At Study Unifees, we have an instructor with 25 years of experience teaching GRE to grads from South Asia and the USA.



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